Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd Announces RM1.5 million Sponsorship to Sarawak Badminton Association

Credit Source: Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd

Photo Credit Source: Sin Chew Daily

Kuching, Sarawak, 5th July 2023 – Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd, a leading company in the ferrosilicon industry is proud to announce its sponsorship of RM1.5 million to Sarawak Badminton Association (SBA). 

Under this sponsorship, Pertama will be contributing RM300,000 per year for a duration of five years to SBA, amounting to a total of RM1.5 million.

To mark the official launch of this sponsorship, a mock cheque-handing ceremony between Pertama and SBA was conducted, presented by Mr Yuki Nakamura, General Manager of Pertama, witnessed by YB Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Bin Hamzah (Minister for Youth, Sport and Entrepreneur Development). 

This sponsorship demonstrates Pertama’s commitment to promoting badminton and supporting the development of junior players in Sarawak. Pertama’s affinity to sponsor SBA stemmed from the company’s regular participation in the sport amongst the staff in Bintulu, as well as Mr. Nakamura’s once active involvement in the sport as a national badminton player back in Japan. 

Pertama’s commitment to developing junior badminton players in Sarawak goes beyond financial support. Pertama is open to collaborating with SBA on other events or projects on a no-commitment basis, providing additional opportunities for mutual growth and development. 

On top of that, Pertama is also willing to consider future employment opportunities for athletes trained by SBA, subject to a competency assessment and evaluation process. 

Pertama believes that this sponsorship will not only support the interest in badminton in Sarawak but also strengthen the relationship between Pertama and SBA, thus, reinforcing the power of sports to inspire and unite communities.