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Fire Certification in Recognition of Pertama’s Persistent Dedication to Fire Safety

Pertama Ferroalloys has recently received a renewal Fire Certificate award from the Bomba Department (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia) on 16th of April 2024.  Pertama’s fire safety supervisor Mr. Wan Iskandar, received the certification from Ketua Zon Bahagian Bintulu of the fire and rescue department Mr. Wan Kamaruddin Wan Ahmad on behalf of Pertama, for the company’s recognition of persistent dedication to safety and adherence to severe fire protection regulations.  A thorough inspection and upgrades to fire safety measures are essential steps in acquiring a fire certificate, therefore ensuring Pertama’s lower risk of fire disruptions and validating the company’s safe environment for all stakeholders.  Additionally, Pertama’s adherence to fire safety measures and compliance helps the company in mitigating potential property damage during fire incidents, hence having sufficient resources in safeguarding assets and infrastructure is vital to promote a safe workplace environment. This recognition is an important milestone for Pertama, and

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Sarawak can learn from Japan to become a senior state in 2028

Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd successfully held the Women’s Forum 3.0 event this afternoon. The event invited Minister of Women, Children and Community Welfare and Development Datuk Seri Fatima Tan Sai Meng as the chief guest. Attendees included Pertama Ferroalloys general manager Yuki Nakamura and female employees of the company, representatives of the Bintulu Development Authority and community women Leaders etc. Yuki Nakamura, general manager of Pertama Ferroalloys, mentioned at the meeting that Japan’s population has declined in recent years, and the government actively encourages women to enter the workplace. In addition to stabilizing the country’s economy, it also enhances the status of women. He said that the company provides various measures for female employees and hopes that the latter can give back to the company with good work performance while enjoying these benefits. It is reported that the company currently has 651 employees, 64 of whom are female employees, and

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Nilai Kebersihan Harus Diterapkan Dalam Kanak-Kanak

BINTULU: Nilai kebersihan harus diterapkan dalam kalangan kanak-kanak melalui pendidikan awal. Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Kanak-Kanak dan Kesejahteraan Komuniti Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah memberitahu, amalan ‘osoji’ daripada negara Jepun bertujuan mendidik kanak-kanak bagi mengamalkan kebersihan dari peringkat awal. “Pada masa yang sama, ia juga menerapkan amalan bertanggungjawab ke atas sampah masing-masing sekaligus membantu dalam mengekalkan tahap kebersihan tempat mereka mereka diasuh dan dididik. “Amalan itu juga mendidik kanak-kanak supaya mengutamakan kebersihan dalam kehidupan termasuk mendisiplinkan mereka supaya menghormati alam, manusia dan persekitaran tempat mereka tinggal,” jelasnya. Beliau berkata demikian semasa berucap pada Pertama Ferroalloys (PFA) Female Forum 3.0 di sini pada Rabu. Dato Sri Fatimah menegaskan, amalan ‘osoji’ merupakan satu bentuk didikan yang panjang dan berterusan sehingga kanak-kanak menjadi dewasa dan mempraktikkan sepenuhnya pengurusan sisa buangan mereka sendiri tanpa bergantung sepenuhnya terhadap orang lain bagi menguruskan sampah mereka sendiri. “Apa yang penting ialah setiap kanak-kanak memahami sendiri bahawa aspek kebersihan sentiasa

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Pertama Ferroalloys Bamboo Planting in Offsetting Carbon Footprint

In a significant move towards reducing its carbon footprint, Pertama Ferroalloys initiated a bamboo planting event  signifying a shift toward sustainable practices in its ferroalloy production process. Spearheaded by Assistant Deputy General Manager Tan Sze Yung and Project Senior Manager Yang Heng, the planting event was attended by Pertama staff, establishing an additional 15 hectares of bamboo plantation, of which 5 hectares had been planted in 2018. Being the first ferroalloy plant in Malaysia to embark on bamboo cultivation, this project aims to serve as a sustainable resource for Pertama’s ferroalloys production, simultaneously setting a benchmark in reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gas discharges in Sarawak. Distributed naturally in tropical and subtropical climate regions, many countries recognize bamboo’s contribution to climate change as efficient carbon sinks. Studies have also discovered that bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide (CO2) than nearly every other perennial plant. As bamboo is also generally considered an

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Pertama Discusses Education Trust with Minister of Education

Wednesday, 3rd March 2024, General Manager Mr. Yuki Nakamura paid a courtesy visit to YB Dato Sri Roland Sagah, Minister for Education, Innovation, and Talent Development Sarawak (MEITD). The visit was aimed at discussing explorative ways of enhancing Sarawakian education through Pertama’s Education Trust for Sarawak State. Mr. Nakamura sought advice from Dato Sri Roland on how the education trust can be more effective for local Sarawakians. He emphasized the importance of providing financial assistance to students who excel academically but do not have the financial means to afford quality education. This education initiative is in line with Pertama’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Development Goals (SDG) philosophy. During the visit, Mr. Nakamura also took the opportunity to introduce the University of Tsukuba (UTMy), the first Japanese university with a branch campus in Malaysia. UTMy, a globally recognized institution ranked highly in Japan, offers Bachelor of Arts and Science

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Pertama Ferroalloys’ Collaborative Management Meeting 2024

As Q1 comes to an end, Pertama Ferroalloys hosts its first top management meeting of the year. The event, held at New World Suites Bintulu, was chaired by General Manager Mr Yuki Nakamura, and attended by respective department heads coming together in presenting their ideas and charting course in combating management and budgeting challenges faced over the last few years.   Reflecting on the first five years following the company’s establishment in December 2010 and its first silicon furnace set up in June 2016, Mr. Nakamura highlights the company’s corporate management trials as a newcomer in the industry then.  “As a management, we will not be shaken by a result of loss. Nevertheless our strategy and philosophy should never change. We need to make Pertama competitive and remain valuable to our customers. We are to remind ourselves that we serve our internal and external stakeholders – not just selfishly for

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