Unggah: Sarawak willing to supply green hydrogen to Japan

Credit Source: Dayak Daily (2023)

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YOKOHAMA, Aug 5: Sarawak is willing to supply green hydrogen to Japan to help support the country’s commitment towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions.
Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said the offer would also serve as a great potential for significant economic bilateral cooperation between Sarawak and Japan, in particular the city of Yokohama.

He said this when leading a Sarawak delegation for a five-day visit to Yokohama Port, Japan recently.

The delegation included Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development II (Port Development) Dato Majang Renggi and Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development (Infrastructure Development) Aidel Lariwoo.

During the visit, the delegation was given a comprehensive briefing by Ebina Ryugen who is the Director of Carbon Neutral Port Promotion, Port and Harbour Bureau, City of Yokohama, regarding the Carbon Neutral Port Initiative which is an integral part of Japan’s Green Transformation policy, aimed at creating new energy security and decarbonisation markets. According to Ebina, as part of the Carbon Neutral Port (CNP) Initiative, Yokohama Port was specifically chosen by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism (MLIT) Japan to collaborate in pursuing a carbon-neutral port.

The Port has undertaken various carbon neutrality initiatives which encompass the future implementation of alternative fuels like methane, ammonia, and hydrogen for port machinery, vessels, and power generation, aiming to promote decarbonization.

These carbon neutrality efforts closely mirrored Sarawak’s own commitment to sustainable development and enhancing resilience against climate change. Taking this opportunity, Uggah and his delegation members had a fruitful exchange of ideas regarding Sarawak’s ventures into green hydrogen production and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) as part of Sarawak’s new economy. – DayakDaily