Pertama Ferroalloys’ Collaborative Management Meeting 2024

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As Q1 comes to an end, Pertama Ferroalloys hosts its first top management meeting of the year. The event, held at New World Suites Bintulu, was chaired by General Manager Mr Yuki Nakamura, and attended by respective department heads coming together in presenting their ideas and charting course in combating management and budgeting challenges faced over the last few years.


Reflecting on the first five years following the company’s establishment in December 2010 and its first silicon furnace set up in June 2016, Mr. Nakamura highlights the company’s corporate management trials as a newcomer in the industry then. 

“As a management, we will not be shaken by a result of loss. Nevertheless our strategy and philosophy should never change. We need to make Pertama competitive and remain valuable to our customers. We are to remind ourselves that we serve our internal and external stakeholders – not just selfishly for ourselves,” Mr. Nakamura said.


In 2022, the corporation entered its stabilization stage with breaking a production historical record in the last two years. This stability is proven through the improvement of plant operation availability and production parameters, with drastic recoveries which aligns to the company’s financial motto, established 10 years ago.

In staying ahead in the evolving industry, the HODs discusses establishing efficient frameworks in resources allocation, strategic risks management, and proactively anticipating and responding to potential production challenges, simultaneously minimizing unnecessary wastage.

With a shared vision from production to human resources, this meeting enables cross-departmental dialogues and provides a collective outlook in achieving a common goal set for the next few years. 


Pertama’s philosophy in being the “First Choice” for customers includes an introduction of value-adding projects and employers’ sensitivity in their commitment to employees’ wellbeing, as well as an emphasis in commitment to its corporate responsibilities and SDG programs.


About Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd:

Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd smelting plant is the first large-scale manganese alloys and ferrosilicon plant in Malaysia. The company produces and distributes manganese alloy products to the global steel industry while also prioritizing sustainability alongside profitability.