Fire Certification in Recognition of Pertama’s Persistent Dedication to Fire Safety

Credit Source: Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn Bhd

Pertama Ferroalloys has recently received a renewal Fire Certificate award from the Bomba Department (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia) on 16th of April 2024. 

Pertama’s fire safety supervisor Mr. Wan Iskandar, received the certification from Ketua Zon Bahagian Bintulu of the fire and rescue department Mr. Wan Kamaruddin Wan Ahmad on behalf of Pertama, for the company’s recognition of persistent dedication to safety and adherence to severe fire protection regulations. 

A thorough inspection and upgrades to fire safety measures are essential steps in acquiring a fire certificate, therefore ensuring Pertama’s lower risk of fire disruptions and validating the company’s safe environment for all stakeholders. 

Additionally, Pertama’s adherence to fire safety measures and compliance helps the company in mitigating potential property damage during fire incidents, hence having sufficient resources in safeguarding assets and infrastructure is vital to promote a safe workplace environment.

This recognition is an important milestone for Pertama, and it proves the company’s consistent proactive efforts and capacity to meet all standards and criterias set by the fire and rescue department, thus demonstrating the company’s continued commitment for readiness in the face of possible fire threats at the plant.