On December 2nd, 2010, Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn. Bhd., formerly known as AML Manganese (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., was established with the primary objective of producing and distributing manganese alloy products to the global steel industry. It is Malaysia’s first major-scale plant that specializes in producing ferrosilicon and manganese alloys. 

The Pertama smelting plant occupies an area of 180 hectares in the Samalaju Industrial Park in Bintulu, Sarawak as the first manganese alloys and ferrosilicon smelting plant in Malaysia. Construction of the plant started in Q2 of 2010 and the first tapping of the ferrosilicon furnace was successfully carried out in Q2 of 2016. The following tapping of the silicon manganese furnaces were commissioned at regular intervals within the next 6 months until full commercial operations in Q2 of 2017.



To be the First Choice producer for Ferroalloys


We aim to achieve a sustainable growth that is balanced across financial, social, and environmental performance growth that encompasses profitability, societal benefits, and ecological responsibility.

“Greetings to all.

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to Pertama Ferroalloys’ Sdn. Bhd.’s website. Since its establishment in December 2010 as the first large scale manganese alloys and ferrosilicon plant in Malaysia, I am eternally grateful for the contribution and dedication of all our valuable stakeholders to growing Pertama into what it is today. 

As we continuously evolve to becoming a global leading company in the industry. we strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of passion and integrity in all our dealings with our partners and the community at large. Moving forward, we are eager to becoming a role model for the rest of the industry, not just within the scope of our business performances, but also in our work ethics and our commitment to defending sustainability for the people and environment. 

It fills me with pride to affirm that Pertama is dedicated to building lasting partnerships that drives the development of not just Sarawak, but Malaysia as a whole, and its communities. As such, we look forward in making purposeful sustainability transformations whilst staying true to our values and principles, and I encourage all our staff to share our commitment and join us in making a meaningful impact


Yuki Nakamura

General Manager



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